Home Care Plan

Most of the pest problems in the residential homes come from outside. Insects/pests go into hibernation during winter and get active again with the onset of spring. They can multiply during warm months and become a problem in or around the house. At E-Safe Pest Control, we have developed a very effective Home Care Plan to offer peace of mind to our clients. Our Homecare plan includes:

1. One exterior (perimeter) treatment in spring or early summer ( weather dependent) which will be, nipping the evil in the bud by targeting the pest like earwigs, centipedes, pill bugs and wasps etc. coming out of hibernation from the cracks and crevices around the house and will not give them a chance to multiply and become a nuisance.
2. We shall set mice bait stations in the garage and furnace room as a preventive mice treatment and will also inspect around the house to identify the spots where the mice could go in.
3. One visit during winter to check mice bait stations for any activity and to replenish baits, if needed.
4. One Exterior treatment will be performed in fall when the insects/pests are going to hibernation and will keep them away from the house.
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